DESS is a small group of soaring pilots, and we are always looking to expand our numbers! We come from all walks of life and often have different opinions on many matters, but we all agree that chasing thermals is a great way to spend the day. DESS members enjoy hanging out at the field and putting aside the pressures of everyday life. It's great fun hanging out with guys as nuts about gliders as you are!

   Just because we like to relax, doesn't mean we take it easy. We play hard too! Any given weekend will find pilots flying Thermal Duration off the winch or throwing Discus Launch Gliders. Want to fly cross country? We have a couple of pilots that will be very eager to help you out! Hear that buzzing sound? It's an electric sailplane. We have even brought out some tiny electrics for fun flying. If you want to get serious about flying, join us for contests - local and long-distance. Unless someone shows up ready for aero-towing, about the only thing you won't find is a combustion engine!